Smartphones have become the de facto body of each of us. So many people still use them only to hear, call, text message, Facebook, Zalo, gaming type … without even realizing the powerful features that this companion brings. Let’s face it these features offline.

1. Virtual Assistant
Typical virtual assistants include Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google’s Google Assistant, Samsung’s Bixby, which can help you do quick tasks such as calling, opening applications, believe, .. very quickly using the voice. Most Vietnamese use this feature very rarely due to the limited use of English. To fully utilize the features of these virtual assistants, we need to know and use relatively fluent English and this is also one of the tools to help young people practice speaking English quite effectively.

2. Lock the phone remotely
In case you lose your phone, your private data will be lost and there is no guarantee that it will not fall into the hands of others, and then one day they are overflowing on the internet. For phone lost and forever lost data, Google has Android Device Manager feature. To enable this, go to Settings> Security> Device Admin> Activate Android Device Management.

3. GPS navigation devices
In addition to the navigation features of Google maps we still use the little one knows there are many other types of special maps that can be mentioned such as: traffic jam area, flooded areas, usual stand, … In case you forget the phone somewhere, if there are important information appearing on the lock screen such as owner’s name, contact address, other phone number, etc., other people will also be quick Looks to be returned to you.

4. Not only that

In the unfortunate situation you have an accident that people find your phone but can not open the valuable information will be the way to communicate with your loved one in a way. earliest. Use this feature by going to Settings> Key screen> Lock screen notification.

5. Wireless Mouse
If you use your PC or laptop without the wireless mouse or the cordless mouse or other factors, … Do not worry, the smartphone next to you will become the salvage mouse for you are at risk. With some infrared enabled phones, you can take advantage of this feature. Instead of having to look for TV controllers, air conditioners … now just pull the phone out and press.

6. It’s a Quick Remote

Feature and it’s only available in some high-end phones with built-in infrared, such as LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, HTC One M8, LG G Pro 2, LG G3. Companies that produce smart TV also have their own software to control the TV can be like Samsung smart TV Samsung Smart View, LG smart TV LG TV Plus, …

7. Virtual reality glasses
Virtual reality experience is a great thing and if your camera supports this, you can also buy virtual reality accessories to put your phone in and use it. Watching these 360-degree videos is very good, but you can see that it’s a little dizzy.

8. Scan the document
Smartphones are now so popular, we often take advantage of the camera to capture pictures, even scan documents always, just fast, while also saving money in the photo. The applications used to scan documents are very good and popular such as: Google PhotoScan, CamScanner, Microsoft Office Lens, …

9. Department of wifi
Is your home network too weak? Do not worry, now you have 4G, you can take advantage of your smartphone to play 4G 4G only support offline, not using 3G. The speed of 4G is also quite fast to play smooth online games such as: League of Legends, DOTA 2, CSGO, …

10. Electronic compass
If you need to identify a direction without a compass in hand, there is a «buoy» on the side, using an electronic compass. Do not worry about its accuracy, nothing is absolute, even the compass is not just the north pole. Of course the data that this electronic compass is relatively accurate and you can trust your own.

11. Ability to measure length

Angle, deviation, height, … Yes. Even I can not believe it! How the hell did he do it? After a while I found out that these tools use sophisticated algorithms to calculate the data obtained on the modern sensors found on our smartphones. Introducing the all-in-one software called Smart tools.

12. Bar code scanner, QR code
Have you ever worried about the price you bought? You wonder where their origins come from. And we can simply use this smartphone to look up their origin based on the product barcode using the iCheck Scanner software.

13. Health monitoring equipment
On our small handheld device, there’s plenty of software to help us stay healthy: Google Fit, Apple Health, etc. Most of them are free and most users are able to handle it. the health of the self through the relatively accurate calculations that the software offers.

14. Payments do not require a card
This service is designed to make electronic payment easier, as users will not need a bank card when shopping, just enter the pin code on the smartphone and touch the payment device of the door. through NFC to complete the payment process. Currently, this service is not yet available in Vietnam, but promises to appear soon in the near future.

15. Mirror
Unexpectedly when you hear this is not it. Of course, in every one of us, at least once in our lives we take the phone to look at the mirror. Now the camera is so much better and you can use it to get a better view of the mirror, right? You can find more features or more, please share with everyone below and always. Remember to share with your friends if you find this article useful!

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