As a space used for communication, the kitchen has recently been rated as one of the most used rooms in the house. With the importance of this, the kitchen should be kept neatly to give you the best possible feeling. The kitchen is where we prepare food and drinks every day; At the same time, you can sit back in the bar to eat or simply talk, work or do homework.

Because of the above reasons, the kitchen often displays a variety of different utensils. What are the everyday items such as porcelain and household utensils, and items that are reserved for special occasions such as glassware and cutlery, not to mention food is easy. Makes the kitchen become chaotic. Please refer to the following 12 ideas to make the kitchen look decent and neat, worthy of experiencing the happy moments in life.

1. Kitchen space

If you have enough space to move the kitchen in the center of the room, you should choose a flat surface made of easy to clean and anti-stain materials such as nacre and rocks with the same characteristics. When preparing your kitchen, have a water spray or cleaning solution handled to treat grease stains as well as other stains as soon as they appear, helping your kitchen keep clean and shiny. ball everyday.

2. Kitchen design tips

To get the most out of your kitchen, think about how you can use it and find out what might be causing your kitchen to become messy. If you usually hang one, two bags in a chair, try putting them in a separate place, making the room more practical. If you have any questions when changing the appearance of the kitchen, please consult the interior architects for advice, please.

3. Convenient kitchen shelf

The open-ended style looks nice and is a practical solution for the kitchen. They allow you to take advantage of the wall surface, displaying the beauty of dishes and other objects while ensuring that you have the necessary cooking utensils at your fingertips. Combine classic materials such as wood with colorful colors in the kitchen to create a positive energy source, giving you a perfect working space.

4. Kitchen cabinets versatile

The kitchen cabinet can be «folded» into a multi-purpose box — it can be opened and doubled by the drawers, multi-storey shelves while the spice bottle is to one side. This division allows you to save more space to accommodate other materials. You can even use it to store a microwave oven, make the kitchen empty and you have more space for cooking. As long as you can make use of every centimeter in your home, it’s worth a try! Here, we suggest you use metal suspended ceilings to match the modern style of the kitchen. It also allows you to cook pots — items usually occupy more space when placed in shelves and kitchen cabinets.

5. Island kitchen cum cabinets

If you decide to move the kitchen to the middle of the kitchen, you can maximize the space by creating a space between the counters and the chairs. Meanwhile, at the cutting board and cooking table, you can take advantage of a small drawer or fridge for storage, or simply place your hand whenever you want. To save space for the kitchen space, you can use 13 sliding doors, great sliding doors for small kitchen or a small kitchen to build despite the narrow: 8 designed for your home.

6. Flexible in height

In the kitchen, it is very important that you have a cabinet and drawer for a variety of height, the reason is that utensils and utensils of different sizes. For the drawer, you can also block it into many pieces for dishes and forks.

7. Create ventilation

The advantage of the open shelf is that it satisfies both the need for decoration and storage. They are great for small kitchens because you can take advantage of the different compartments and even the horizontal bars below to hang up large items.

Growing plants in the kitchen is also a way to bring nature into the home. Even if you are a vegetable, you already have the ingredients in your kitchen. Be sure to use every corner of the room. Instead of missing out on small corners in the room, why not put extra closets, shelves or even a grocery store with sauces, jams, salt and more. Because they are fixed and open in a longitudinal way, they take up very little space, leaving room for a bigger kitchen cabinet.

8. Solution for home appliances

Among the items that cause «stuck» in the kitchen appliances are always in the lead. Know that there are large items of daily use such as coffee grinders but besides, we only use pressure cookers on special occasions. Here, the most appropriate solution to this problem is to close a home appliance cabinet with a pull door, inside the outlet socket so you do not have to take them out of the cabinet.

9. Combination cabinets

Using the panels like this is the savior of the drawers cabinets filled with fork and small items easily mixed together, making it difficult to find. Keep items with the same function and place a fixed place in the drawer, especially when placing items that are often separated from other items.

10. Fruit tray, vegetable

It is important to note that preserving fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits must help you to make a healthy lifestyle. The drawers made from rushes also give the kitchen a rustic beauty, feet.

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